AtroDAM offers many functions right out of the box and helps you to organize efficient teamwork on the preparation and distribution of all your digital assets by simplifying and automating many processes. Thus, the quality of your product data is increased and the associated costs are reduced.

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User Features

AtroDAM is simple, intuitively understandable and user-friendly.
The numerous functions help you to manage assets more efficiently
and to reach the goals set in your omnichannel strategy faster.

Upload and save

  • Favorite formats and sizes - you can manage various types of assets.
  • Advanced configuration - the system behavior when uploading, managing, and distributing digital assets is completely configurable.
  • Mass upload - You can upload multiple assets at once and link them to the right entities.
  • Quality control when uploading - is completely automatic.
  • Duplicate check - when uploading a file, the system will automatically check if such a file is already available in the system.
  • Asset types - you can define and use multiple asset types in the system. Depending on the asset type, the validation rule and the derivatives to be created automatically are configured.
  • Metadata - is read from the asset files fully automatically and can be changed (Metadata Module is required).
  • Metadata Uploading - Metadata (asset attributes) can be exported, edited in Excel and re-imported.
  • Embedded Metadata Sync - automatically import embedded metadata into custom attribute values upon upload (Metadata Module is required)
  • Libraries - can be used as storing containers, e.g. for your assets to be approved.

Management of Assets

  • Previews - are possible depending on the type of asset, e.g. for images, videos, PDFs.
  • Private and public assets - can be shared internally or externally simply via URL.
  • Use AtroDAM as a hosting platform for your assets.
  • Asset Attributes - describe the assets of different types with help of different asset attributes.
  • On-the-fly conversion of images - customize your images directly on-the-fly by simply entering the necessary parameters in the URL.
  • Asset Relations - as relations of assets to any entities are extendable with free fields, you can store any entity-specific information per one asset, in addition to general information.
  • Deactivated assets - deactivate the assets you don“t need anymore. It is no need to remove such assets.
  • Related Assets - link the entries with each other. This allows you to find an appropriate asset more quickly.
  • Content management - is possible together with asset management.
  • You can see exactly for which products and other entities the assets were used.

Search for Assets

  • You can search assets by any asset field, asset attributes and synced metadata within a few seconds, also several thousand entries.
  • The configured searches can be saved and removed.
  • You can configure by which fields you search.
  • Choose from different gallery views.

Download of Assets

  • Private and public assets - use AtroDAM as a hosting platform for your assets.
  • On-the-fly conversion of images - customize your images directly on-the-fly by simply entering the necessary parameters in the URL.
  • Download your assets in desired formats and sizes.

Workflows and Collaboration

  • Optimize business processes for your teams and external partners with the help of programmable workflows (based on Symfony Workflow component).
  • Organize the collaboration of your employees using the direct assignment of assets or by assigning tasks related to an asset to achieve the best productivity.
  • Use calendars to fulfill the tasks on time.
  • Sharing comments and tracking changes in the stream helps to improve communication and achieve the results faster.
  • Use tag fields and status fields to accurately map the life cycle of your assets.


  • AtroDAM can be seamlessly integrated with AtroPIM to manage product-related images and assets in a product information management system.
  • AtroDAM has a REST API and can be easily integrated with other third-party applications.

Taxonomies - Categories and Tags

  • Classify and organize your data in a convenient for you and your teams way, using flexibly configurable taxonomies: collections, categories, and tags.
  • You can use multiple fields for tagging assets, for example, to distinguish between various tagging types.
  • One asset can be assigned to more than one asset category.
  • There can be several asset category trees. One asset category can be assigned only to one parent category.
  • Use the categories to simulate folder structures
  • Embed different tags directly into the asset.


  • You can have as many collections as you want in order to share the assets more easily.
  • A digital asset can be assigned to more than one collection.
  • Collections can contain assets of various asset types.

Derivates (additional module is needed)

  • Use the Asset Renditions module to manage any derivatives for your assets, according to your needs.
  • Configure which derivatives such assets should have depending on the asset type.
  • Determine, which derivatives should be generated fully automatically directly when uploading for certain asset types.

Versioning (additional module is needed)

  • Use Asset Versioning Module to get an overview of all changes in your assets.
  • The DAM repository contains all asset versions created while working on an asset.
  • You can download older versions of an asset at any time for adjustments or comparison of versions.
  • The versioning of asset derivatives is also completely automatic.

Administrator Features

As a modern and flexible software AtroDAM offers for the administrator a lot of options
for setting and configuring the system. Many customer-specific requirements can be
configured from the admin panel without writing a single line of code.

Flexible Data Model and Entity Configurator

  • With AtroDAM you can get any data model implemented exactly as you want it to be.
  • You can create any number of custom entities, e.g. product series, contracts, experience reports, etc.
  • All user-defined entities are "full-fledged" and can be used immediately in Entity, Layout and Label Manager or in the navigation.
  • The administrator can change all entities in AtroDAM at any time, both the system and the custom entities.
  • Define which fields a new or existing entity will have, change them according to your ideas.
  • There are over 20 field types in the system. If you need more, then they can be easily programmed additionally.
  • You can create any desired relations (1: n, n: 1, n: m) between all available entities.
  • Dynamic field logic - you can define the conditions under which a field is displayed, hidden or becomes a required field.

Layout Сonfigurator

  • You have full control over all layouts for each entity in the system.
  • You can configure detail, panel and list layouts.
  • You can use drag-and-drop to determine which fields are displayed in certain field groups.
  • Even after configuration, all user interfaces remain responsive and are automatically mobile-ready.
  • Configure which fields are allowed for the filters and mass update.
  • Determine which relational panels for which entity are to be displayed, as well as their order on the detail page.

Roles, Teams, and Authorizations

  • AtroDAM offers administrators an authorization concept at the enterprise level!
  • Create users, roles, and teams to manage access levels and authorizations within AtroDAM.
  • One role can be assigned to one user or one team.
  • One user can be assigned to more than one team.
  • Authorizations and access levels are configured as role-based.
  • It is possible to set up the following access levels - to no entries, to own entries, to team entries and to all entries.
  • It is possible to configure the authorizations at the field level, e.g. certain data fields are hidden for certain roles.

Modules Manager and System Updates

  • AtroDAM provides users with innovative module management based on Composer technology, allowing them to automatically consider all the necessary dependencies of modules.
  • The administrator is warned when conflicts between modules are possible.
  • Perform a system update or updates of your modules with a mouse click.
  • Define a schedule with the Scheduled Jobs, when and if the system updates (AtroDAM and modules) should be performed automatically.
  • You will be informed about the appearance of a new module and core versions.
  • All modules in AtroDAM can be activated or deactivated.
  • Through Modul Manager, it is possible to manage both the official and the individual modules for AtroDAM.


AtroDAM offers the ability to create an unlimited number of portals,
to organize an even more successful collaboration with your external partners - e.g. with trading partners,
copywriters, photographers, SEO agencies etc.

  • You can set up an unlimited number of portals.
  • With the help of the portal, it is possible to provide an external user with read and write access to your selected digital assets if needed.
  • You can activate import and export feeds for external users.
  • Use portal users and portal roles to flexibly set up the authorizations and access levels at the portal level.
  • It is up to the administrator to set up to which entities in the system and their fields a portal user should be granted access.
  • Create the placeholders for your photographers and use them immediately to avoid losing time.

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